Scientists Use Cartilage From Ribs To Give A Kid New Pair of Ears

Kids with microtia problem have some good news, as they can get a new pair of ears now. According to a study, cartilages could be of great use in constructing new ears. Cartilages play an essential role in bone-based skeletal structure in sharks. However, we humans too cannot survive without cartilage. It appears in the human anatomy that includes body parts like nose, ears, spine and the larynx. Cartilages come in three types, fibrocartilage, elastic and hyaline cartilage. Fibrocartilage makes a cushion like effect on the vertebrae disks. Elastic cartilage shapes up the ears, whereas hyaline is found in the fingers, hips and other areas of the body. Here, we will read about this recent study in detail and find out how effective and promising this innovation actually is.

What is the use of cartilage in our bodies?

Cartilages help to cushion and guard the articulating exteriors of bones. They even restore old tissues with new ones. Cartilages react to pressure and stress by releasing fluid like substance. This on the other hand, cuts down the pressure felt at the edges of the bones.

In case of this kid, doctors said that they would make use of a cartilage to shape a structure under his skin. Kieran Sorkin is an 8-year-old boy, who was born without ears with small lobes in place. He suffers from a rare disorder called microtia, which affects one in a million and thus was born deaf. However, expert surgeons say that they can now create new ears and implant them by conducting an operation.

What is microtia?

Microtia is a congenital disorder, which is a very rare case causing a defect in either one or both the ears where the outer ear may be absent or undersized. This is commonly linked with few disorders such as Goldenhar and Treacher-Collins syndrome. It may even affect the eardrum, canal and bones of ear thus, causing deafness.

It is suggested that parents should motivate their kids suffering from microtia. Few parents opt to homeschool their kids. Nevertheless, make sure that your kid enjoys playing games and other activities with other kids. This might even benefit your kid to show some of his inborn talents and abilities and act normal.

An expert in plastic surgery, Dr. William stated that right from cartilage, he and his team would operate it in a such way that it will look like actual human ears with the help of vacuum so that the skin adapts to the outlines of the ear framework . The operation would require carving cartilage from six of his ribs, which would be further made in the shape of human ears.

This is a promising breakthrough in the medical world and is a ray of hope for all those unfortunate people, who are suffering from microtia or deafness, as they can get a new pair of functional ears.

In fact, experts from the medical sector and from various cornsers of the globe are all ears to every latest development and achievement in this innovative treatment.