Protect Your Teeth By Eating Well

Healthy diet – healthy mouth?

Most of the time, when we think about our diet it’s in terms of various areas of our health – keeping our weight within the recommended levels, ensuring we’re not getting too much saturated fat, watching our cholesterol levels, and so on. We may also make sure our diet’s healthy because we want to have good skin, or be fit for physical activities like running or playing sport.

But one of the things it can be easy to overlook to think about within our healthy eating regime is our teeth.  Sure, we all know to avoid fizzy drinks and sweets in order to keep our teeth nice and healthy. But what other tips are there for keeping our teeth and gums in great shape?

Acidity is the enemy of good dental health

So, why is too much sugar bad for the teeth (and not a healthy snack option)? Well, sugary foods contain a lot of empty (non-nutritious) calories that don’t provide any goodness. And when we eat sugary stuff, it causes bacteria to produce acid, which is what causes teeth to decay.

Wine is also acidic – and so best kept to a minimum for best oral health. And diet fizzy drinks – even though they have no sugar in them, can still contribute to tooth decay because of their acidity.

Tooth healthy foods

Foods that help the health of your teeth include cheese. Cheese is high in calcium, which of course helps to keep your teeth strong. And it also helps to neutralise the acid in your mouth because it helps you produce saliva. One of the reasons that cheese is often served as a final dinner course, perhaps? If you’re looking for other things containing calcium and provide a healthy tooth-friendly snack, then consider turkey or chicken as well as milk and various types of nuts.

The saliva our mouths produce helps to neutralise acids, so chewing gum can actually help teeth stay healthy so long as it’s the sugar free type of gum.

Complete dental health

In summary, while there are a lot of things we do to keep our teeth in good shape and our smile bright – such as brushing, flossing and going for regular check ups – watching what we eat can also be very important. Staying away from fizzy drinks and sugary snacks, and making sure we get enough calcium can be ways to help maintain a good standard of oral health.