Proper Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

The proper way to for one’s skin and the right skin care products to use will depend on an individual’s skin type. People with oily skin would require a set of skin care products different from someone with a dry or combination skin type. Dry skin is characterized by flaky, cracked or red skin patches when not properly taken care of. These conditions can be quite itchy, encouraging one to scratch the skin. Scratching the skin will however cause cracks on the skin’s outer layer and allow bacteria to enter and infect the skin. Here are some effective skin care tips for people with dry skin.

Central heating or cold weather aggravates problems relating with dry skin. Since you cannot always control the weather or some of such aggravating conditions you would need to do your part to not further dry the skin. One effective tip for people with dry skin is to avoid long and hot baths. Excessive baths, over washing and the use of hot water is not good for dry skin. People with dry skin should not bath too regularly as this will strip the skin of natural protective oils and cause more problems. They should also avoid harsh soaps, but should instead use a mild soap. Soap should also not be applied to all parts of the body everyday so as not to stress the skin unnecessarily.

The use of moisturizers is very effective for dry skin as it helps to keep the skin supple and moist. However, there are so many choices to pick from and one can be confused on which are best for those with dry skin. Dermatologists recommend the use of moisturizers that contain fatty acids, ceramides and natural lipid molecules. They also advise that cream or ointment should be used above lotions. Ointment such as the regular petroleum jelly is great for people with dry skin because it creates a film of oil over the skin that helps to protect the skin from external elements and trap in moisture. In fact people with dry skin who do not have problems with acne would find plain old petroleum jelly best for their skin type.

During winter, those with dry skin need to take extra care of their skin as the winter dry air can exact a heavy toil on their skin. During winter, avoid hot baths and take brief baths with lukewarm water. After bathing, pat your body dry and immediately apply a moisturizer or petroleum jelly. Humidifiers can help add moisture to the dry air and this would reduce the dry effect of the weather on your skin.

Proper layered clothing along with gloves, hats and shoes can help keep the skin and body covered from the elements. A petrolatum-based lip balm can prevent chapped or dry lips. Even during winter it is good to use sunscreen to protect the skin because exposure to the sun’s rays can cause the skin to dry out further, it can even lead to premature aging or even cancer.

Older adults with dry skin will need to apply moisturizers more frequently to protect their skin and keep it supple. As we grow older, our skin naturally produces less protective oils which make the skin to dry with age. Regular moisturizers can help keep the skin moist and comfortable.