Popular At-Home Hangover Remedies – Do they Really Work?

Each of us has our own remedy for the morning after a night of regretful heavy drinking. We arrive at these remedies in different ways, but eventually, we become convinced that our favourite remedies will work for everybody and begin preaching them with devout certainty to family, friends and even strangers.

Sadly, there is no 100% guaranteed cure for hangovers, so we’re pretty much stuck with the sometimes nutty and absurd recommendations made by that one uncle who’s always slurring his words and tripping over his own feet at family reunions. Fortunately, there’s this thing called the internet that’s able to distinguish between the effective treatments and the crazy ramblings you’re likely to repeat to others with the same unquestioning devotion.


Have no fear, this one is legit. Alcohol is a diuretic which means you’ll become more dehydrated with every beer, glass of wine or shot of vodka. While water will definitely help after waking up with a monster headache, it’s actually better if you drink water while drinking alcohol – perhaps a glass after every schooner of beer. Make sure to drink a good amount before bed for best results.


These drinks, as well as multi-vitamin drinks and other pretty bottled liquids, are proposed because they restore electrolytes and vitamins as well as hydrate you. Evidence seems to suggest, however, that it’s just expensive coloured water when it comes to hangovers. There’s no real evidence to suggest that a night of heavy drinking distorts your electrolyte and vitamin balance.


A contentious one: some argue that coffee is the way to go to get you going, others say it’s short-term and will intensify the already intolerable headache. Coffee also causes dehydration, so don’t rush to Starbucks after a big night out; however, we’ll leave this one to personal preference.

More Alcohol

While this might seem stupid to some, it’s become popular because it seems to lessen the effects… at least for a short while. In reality, all you’re doing by consuming more alcohol is postponing the inevitable. This can lead to alcohol dependency – a vicious cycle of drinking to help the drinking aftermath. Don’t do it. Ok? Good. Let’s move on.

The Bacon Sandwich

It’s a quick and effective cure if you’re supposed to be looking for homes for sale at 9am on a Sunday. It probably sounds too good to be true: since when has there been a remedy that’s so delicious? But hey! Researchers think this is a pretty good remedy. There’s talk of neurotransmitters, amino acids and such, but what you need to know is that it’ll help your hangover. It’ll help clear your mind, boost your blood sugar levels and help place you in a better mood. You’re welcome.


For all the people ready to say how prevention is the best cure, everyone already knows this. Trust me, they do. Folk from Selandra Rise preach about this all the time…sometimes we just get a little carried away, that’s all. C’est la vie.