Living Healthy as the Ancient Tribes

Presumably, the first ancient tribes had a relatively healthy lifestyle living in nature. However, recent scientific discoveries tend to disprove the above statement. For example, scientists have found out that our ancestors’ life expectancy was not even close to the one we have now. In fact, back in 1800s, which is not that long ago from a scientific point of view, the average life expectancy was just fifty years, whereas now it has increased to about seventy-five years.

We can conclude, then, that our ancient ancestors must have had an even shorter life span, owing to poorer nutrition, practically non-existent healthcare and a much more hostile environment. So, it appears that we are actually having a much healthier lifestyle than the ancient tribes anyway.  An ancient hunter must have stood a great chance to be eaten by his ‘dinner’ by the time he turned thirty, while sir Winston Churchill, an ardent lover of whiskey and cigars (Hanky Bannister was his favourite brand if I am not mistaken), died peacefully in his nineties.

The thing is that in our age of bustling business activities and tough economic competition, people are exposed to a larger amount of stress and other harmful influences than they were several centuries ago.  In a move to reduce the influence of these negative factors, a group of enthusiasts from the United States have developed the so-called green living philosophy. Here are some of their core ideas.

Hundreds of tons of ink and paper have been wasted in speculations on the efficiency and benefits of diets, and it is not a wonder that healthy eating is one of the corner stones of green living. Green lifestyle activists recommend low carb food as generally good for the human organism, as it keeps your cholesterol at a decent level. Those of you who have a sweet tooth should avoid chocolate bars and candies as they are rich in sucrose (bad sugar) and replace them with bee honey, raisins and other dried fruit, as they are rich in glucose, (good sugar). Needless to say, a balanced diet must also include fruits and vegetables, fish, different kinds of meat, milk, eggs, etc.

Our ancient predecessors had to chase and hunt down their meal, but this is no longer the case today. Our dinner is peacefully waiting for us on the shelves of the local supermarket or in the nearby restaurant. This does not mean, however, that we no longer need to exercise our bodies. Quite on the contrary, doctors have found out that a fit human body is more resistant to stress than an unfit one. Depending on where you live, you can practice different physical exercises or activities to keep your body in shape. If you have a general dislike for sports, you can take a daily walk in the park and be sure that it’ll work for you just as well. Surprising as it may sound, but one short walk a day has the power of keeping away such serious health problems as heart attack, diabetes, and obesity.