Proper Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

The proper way to for one’s skin and the right skin care products to use will depend on an individual’s skin type. People with oily skin would require a set of skin care products different from someone with a dry or combination skin type. Dry skin is characterized by flaky, cracked or red skin patches […]

Protect Your Teeth By Eating Well

Healthy diet – healthy mouth? Most of the time, when we think about our diet it’s in terms of various areas of our health – keeping our weight within the recommended levels, ensuring we’re not getting too much saturated fat, watching our cholesterol levels, and so on. We may also make sure our diet’s healthy […]

My Eyes Are Dim, I Cannot See

As you grow older, the probability of developing eye-related problems becomes increasingly great. Here are five top tips to help you maintain good vision throughout the glory years. 1)    Eat healthily It’s amazing how important a balanced diet can be in helping to maintain good vision as you grow older. Here are some dietary tips […]

Living Healthy as the Ancient Tribes

Presumably, the first ancient tribes had a relatively healthy lifestyle living in nature. However, recent scientific discoveries tend to disprove the above statement. For example, scientists have found out that our ancestors’ life expectancy was not even close to the one we have now. In fact, back in 1800s, which is not that long ago […]